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Say Yes to Windsurfing!

Windsurfing is a surface water sport that combines elements of surfing and sailing. Windsurfing is the laid-back culture of surf sports. Windsurfing offers experiences that are outside the scope of other sailing craft designs. Windsurfers can perform jumps, inverted loops, spinning maneuvers, and other «freestyle» moves that cannot be matched by any sailboat. Windsurfers were the first to ride the world’s largest waves.

What We Offer?


We Offer a Variety of activities!

We offer a variety of activities. We have tuition packages that suit anyone who wants to know about all type of water sport. We offer a range of windsurfing, surfing, kitesurfing, wakesurfing and waterskiing courses.

Our Courses

Introduction to the gear, getting used to the windsurfing board without and with the rig , up hauling the rig, start.
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Getting used to the windsurfing board without the rig, up hauling the rig, windward turn, leeward turn, sailing around buoys.
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Stopping using the sail, sailing around buoys, windward turn, leeward turn, making a 360˚ turn, variations of turns.
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Are You In?

Welcome, to the best and modern windsurfing center! We have the best, passionate and experienced instructors
in the world. We provide safety and proper knowledge. You will get up and ride!
The Malta center is equipped with the latest equipment which makes learning faster, easier and more fun.
We provide the right lesson for each level. Don’t hesitate and come to Malta.


New Boards

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Our Team

Даниил Ткачук


Сергей Долгих


Clients About Us

Филиппины Сиаргао вместе с Hakula РАЙ для серферов ‍♂️ ‍♀️ Серёжа- крутейший тичер и масштабная личность Рекомендуем!


Константин Долгов

Большие и маленькие волны, совершенно пустые и, в тоже время, дико перегруженные споты, мощнейшие вайп-ауты. Катание на рассвете и при луне, серфинг каждый день — это был очень мощный опыт @sergeydolgikh спасибо за каталку


Александр Анучин

Hakula is clearly the best surfing school I have ever been into. Sergeyis an outstanding surfing professional with excellent soft skills ensuring that students  enjoy not only during part but also other extracurricular activities. Highly recommended and I will surely visit Hakula again in different parts of the world.

Всем рекомендую — по праву лучшая серфинг школа!


Андрей Дубровский